The Oven

History of Volariani Ovens


With over 120 years experience, Volariani are the world’s finest wood fired oven makers. Using the best materials and pioneering design they’ve created the ultimate environment for wood fired cooking.

Silvio Valoriani presented his unique design in 1945 and they have been recognised as the original Italian wood fired oven ever since. Today Valoriani Ovens are still made in Refrattari Reggello, high in the hills of Tuscany’s beautiful countryside. The ovens are still hand crafted with the finest clay by the same Valoriani family of artisans that have been making wood fired ovens since 1890.

Today, Sylvio’s design is recognised as the original Italian wood fired oven, and his family still make them by hand in Tuscany.


Recommended By Jamie Oliver

“I’ve had a Valoriani Wood Fired Oven for 6 years now and have cooked just about everything you could imagine in it. The texture and flavour you get from cooking next to wood gives food incredible attitude and personality. And when your mates see you drag a tray of beautiful food out of your wood fired oven, they’ll be crowding around you – dying to tuck in.” – JAMIE OLIVER


Environmentally friendly

Volariani ovens have been awarded a clean air exemption certificate by DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) meaning they are environmentally friendly and can even be used in smokeless zones, such as London.